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The Eye Project: Press


In the current project (The Eye) I became very interested in the process of reversing, and the exploration of how our perception behaves and interacts with reversism.

}ReversisM{ The Concept

Reversism is the process of reversing the state of existing platforms and phenomenons and examining the acceptance of perception.

Why }ReversisM{?

During the last 10 years of exploring the ability and the results of reversism, I came to observe and understand that the opposite of state (the overall physical condition of something) exists at the same time and within the same space where the perception of the state accepts both statuses equally. 

As a result, I understood the ability and the applied power of perceptions and the effect of self-manipulation to accept or change our existence within our environment/art.

}ReversisM{ in Practice!

During the evolution of the Eye project, I took an established phenomenon, reversed it, and observed the results as an outsider and the interaction of viewers.

Now, I’m working on using the Golden Ratio, turning it upside down, and generating a rebalanced space on the canvas.



The Berth, Concept & Approach

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