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Capturing love in space and time

Perceptions are easily manipulated and it takes courage to re-engineer. It is why I practice Art, in the quest for true perceptions. Exploring the re-engineering of perceptions and examining the truths of established beliefs.  

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The Eye Project

2010 -2023

Golden Eye.JPG
Green Eye.JPG
Red Eye 2.JPG
Blue Eye.JPG
The Dark Eye.jpg
The Golden Ratio - in progres

The seed of the Eye project started with a line curved upwards and a few people standing. This was the reality I knew. It came from the impulse to reverse the curve downwards. This new perception led me to the circle and to sense

a different reality as a result.

It became clear that I was taken by the idea of capturing the theme of love, in space and time. It was inevitable to challenge all the established concepts and hypothesis in academic arts. 

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As an artist and IT professional, I’m always interested in studying the subject matter from as many possible perspectives as I can. Since 1986, I’ve led a life fully devoted to the arts.

Art has always been there as a way to understand, express, and communicate.

  • MA Fine Arts | UAL London, UK. 

  • BA Fine Arts | Baghdad, Iraq.

  • Grafisch lyceum | Amsterdam, NL.

  • Sculpture & Bronz | Morley College, London, UK.

Art Fairs

  • 2023 Art3f Lausanne Swiss.

  • 2015 Oxford International Art Fair.

  • 1999 Sharjah Int Arts Biennial/UAE.


● 2019 - Turquoise Gallery - Ongoing

1999 - Universal message, Galerie Annee, the Netherlands.
● 1998 - Galerie fi beiti, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
● 1997 - Hogeschool Windesheim, Zwolla, the Netherlands.
● 1996 - Arabisch Cultureel Centrum, den Haag, the Netherlands.
● 1994 - Atelier Bergmans, burgh, The Netherlands.

● 1992 - Empty pyramid, Al-Roaq Gallery, Baghdad. Alia Gallery, Amman – Jordan.

● 2018 - Skylark Galleries
● 2017 - Skylark Galleries
● 2013 - 2014 Cookhouse, UAL, MiAL, and Pintar Rapido, London, UK. The Lewis PR Orbital Gallery, London, UK.
● 2010 - 2013 ICCL, and Pintar Rapido, UAL, UK. Red gate Gallery, Salam house, UK.
● 2000 - 2005 ‘t Ulenest Beeldenpark&Galerie, The Netherlands Museum Rijswijk, SWK, Burgh Haamstede, Beeldentuin ‘t Ulenest, The Netherlands. kunstschowen westerschouwen, Gallery Mana, Cultureel centrum RAZA, Galerie De Veemvloer, Document 24 Exterieur, ICO Centrum voor Kunst en Cultuur, The Netherlands.
● 1999 - EU-MAN, Helsinki/Kopenhagen Sharjah Int Arts Biennial/UAE, A.P.A.C. Barcelona, Feria de Muestras de Granada, Spain.
● 1994 - 1998 Royal Opera House, Highbury Gallery, Al-kufa Gallery, London, UK Alia Art Gallery, Amman, Jordan. Al-Orfaly Gallery, Baghdad, Iraq. Royal OperaHouse, London, UK. Highbury Gallery, London, UK.
● 1991 - 1994 Ain Gallery, Mahin Al Saraf Gallery, Al-Roaq Gallery, Baghdad. Iraq. Alia Art Gallery, Amman, Jordan.
Ain Gallery, Baghdad Art Centre, Baghdad, Iraq.
● 1988 - 1991 Baghdad Art Centre, Baghdad, Iraq.

  • 1986 - 1990 Academy of fine arts gallery, Baghdad art centre, Baghdad, Iraq.

Ongoing Exhibition

Turquoise Gallery | Schiedam, NL

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